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What would be the purpose of the knockout if it couldn't be passed on to an
organism? If you're purpose is to produce a knockout organism then it
probably isn't possible since by definition ES cells will divide into any
other cell, whereas cancer cells usually grow into tumourous
undifferentiated masses. So you couldn't make a knockout organism unless you
had a cell which could be inserted into a blastocyst. But if you "cloned" a
cell as the group in Scotland did with dolly you could but even then the
efficiency is very low (much lower than a knockout mouse). I don't think
it's possible. You see all the epigenetic programing in a "mature" cell (not
ES cell) would not allow it. But if wanted to have an immortal cell line
with a gene knocked out I don't see why not? Except you might not know if
the cell has the missing gene (except by doing PCR on the genomic dna).
Which I suppose is possible.

hope this helped


Brad Thomas
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I would like to know if it is possible to knockout target gene is cells
other than ES cells (like cancer cell lines). If yes, could someone send me
how to do that.



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