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What is Zero Debt Ministry? *

- A -
Paying off your credit cards in 2-3 months
"without" hearing about another Business

- B -
Paying off your automobiles in the next 3-1
months "without" forking out an investment
into another home-based business?

- C -
Paying off your present home or purchasing
a home with cash in the next 1-3 years and
NEVER having another mortgage payment
or house/apartment rent payment?

- D -  
Having enough money in savings or secure
investments to pay for your child's/children's
college or even private school?

- E -
Never again having a "spirited discussion"
(argument) in your home over finances?

- F -
All the above?

(Correct Answer; F.)

NEVER AGAIN go in debt for ANYTHING!

CARD that is usable worldwide at ATM's
And merchants who accept debit cards!

Work for yourself 100% of the time instead
of spending 80% of your time working for
your "slave masters".  (Proverbs 22:7)  - 
"The rich rules over the poor, and the
borrower becomes the lender's slave."

If you could give a one-time gift to the
Lord's work of $120, and be out of debt
in 1-3 years, would you do it?

CFI's Zero Debt Ministry is REAL

Time's Money, Position Yourself Now!!

Please provide all the following info;

Your Name:
Phone Number:
Your Time Zone:
Best time to call you:

Email to: zero_debt_cards at yahoo.com

* CFI is based upon the Bible principle of un-
selfishly praying for and helping others and the
Lord' abundantly helping you, especially if you
keep your motives pure!

Business Opportunities and Gifting Activities
usually are based upon personal greed.

* * *
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