We Will Send Your E Mail For You

emrketing66 at yahoo.com emrketing66 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 11:56:38 EST 2001

If you wish to send a message using an E Mail list of almost any size, either on a one time or repetitive basis, we can send your E Mail for you. 

We have high speed bandwidth, and are our own ISP, therefore you are no longer restricted to "dial up" sending limitations.  Within certain parameters we can also develop custom E Mail lists for you, should you need them.

You will find our prices very competitive.

If we can be of service to you, please just give us a call at (661) 254-9926, or E Mail us by clicking on the E Mail box address listed below.  To be removed from our list, please see the message below.    

Thank you. 


Your E-mail Address Removal/Deletion Instructions: 

We comply with proposed federal legislation regarding unsolicited   commercial e-mail by providing you with a method for your e-mail address to be permanently removed from our database and any future  mailings from our company.  

To remove your address, please send an e-mail message with the word   REMOVE in the subject line to:  emrketing66 at yahoo.com
If you do not type the word REMOVE in the subject line, your request  to be removed will not be processed. 



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