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Fri Apr 12, 2002

Hello Friend;

I hope you had an opportunity to listen to the
audio that I recommended in my previous letter.


Here is another informative and exciting audio, one that
helps you to understand the health concerns among physicians

Side 1:
Side 2:

I'd also like to invite you to a toll-free conference call, held
on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1-888-957-2222 at

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, one of the research doctors, hosts the call
and is most knowlegable about glutathione.  He speaks about
various medical topics and you can ask specific medical
questions on the live call.

The above call is recorded and replayed at 9:00PM Pacific time.

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I've been in Immunotec for just 3 weeks. My 5-year old Shih Tzu,
Michiko, was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form of
lung cancer. It was very advanced with many tumors visible in

She was immediately started on a regime of weekly Chemotherapy
(Vinicristine) and daily Prednosone and we were told to watch
for some pretty scarey side effects. She was a very sick little
dog, panting, restless, puffed up and obviously very
uncomfortable. To no avail, I began giving her all the
supplements I could think of to help her better tolerate the
treatment. Although the tumors started to shrink, her white
blood cell count was in chaos, one week too low, the next week
too high, to be administered the Chemo. Desperate, and looking
for something to help her, I found XTRALIFE for animals, from
Immunotec, with the result that her blood count has nearly
normalized and the side effects have lessened considerably. She
sleeps better and last nite she was even playing with her toys! 

I reasoned that if this product could so help my little dog,
what could it do for my family? We are now using Immunocal and I
am ecstatic about becoming part of the MadRabbits system and
bringing this phenomenal product to those who are looking for
ways to improve or maintain their health and/or develop a
business from home.  

In the short time I have been in the business, I have already
earned back my investment and have met some wonderful people.  I
love the time freedom it affords me.

Carynn Komiyama, 56 years old, Masters in Criminology.
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Hello Everyone,

I just had to write in to inform you of how excited I am to be
using the MIA system. In my two months with Immunotec, I have
had some success with sponsoring new people and bringing them on
to the team. However, I must admit that at that time I was not
using the complete system as taught by MIA. 

On February 28th, 2001 I decided to give the system a try. Teddy
and I were up to three o’clock in the morning setting it all up.
As of March 5th, 2001 six people have signed up to Immunotec,
through the system. (I am not saying everyone has purchased
product yet) About forty have requested more information. Those
that have gone to my web site and have been like calling a warm
market person. It is nice when you tell some one your name and
they say oh hi, (as if they know you, well they kind of do). 

Anyway, what got me excited was, I checked my e-mail and voice
mail system, and not only did I have people requesting more
information from me, but I also had people leaving me voice
messages to call them back. One individual left me his day
number so I could reach him, and then went on to state that he
is going through the Supreme Team University and had already
ordered product! How AWESOME is that? Well, to answer my own
question, VERY! To top it all off, this was all while I was
working a fourteen-hour shift today due to a snowstorm here in
New York (which made me a little anxious about not being able to
do my business). I just felt that I should share this with
everyone else, thanks for reading. 


Roberto Torres
Supreme Team 

"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another". Prov. 27:17 
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No other similar product holds a candle to Immunocal, click the
link below to see for yourslf:

Talk with you soon,

Richard Piland
Click below for my online business card:

If you haven't taken our Visitor's Tour, please do so now by
clicking below. In order for you to grasp the magnitude of this
complete system, we ask that you follow the simple 4 step
process, as laid out by our design team.

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