Marie Esposito tme at
Mon Apr 15 08:15:52 EST 2002

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to adapt the MTT assay for use in 6 well plates and a
spectrometer (not a microplate reader).  I have been running into
several problems and have a few questions:

1:  Is the formazan released into the medium after solubilization or is
it maintained in the cells?

2:  I found an old lab protocol which uses Hanks BSS for the incubation
period but have been unable to find any precedence for this?

3:  I am also unable to find any references to this assay being
performed in anything other than 96 well plates.  Is there a reason for
this?  Any suggestions as to where I might find references for the MTT
assay in other than 96 well plates?

Thank you,



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