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Mon Apr 15, 2002

Greetings Friend;

This is Richard Piland again!

Friend, our products can make you and your
loved ones feel better and more able to face the deteriorating
environmental conditions and lifestyles of our society.

We have clinical research and patents on "method of use",
something almost unheard of in the food supplement industry.

This is changing the face of network marketing in health related
products. See for yourself:

To see how Glutathione is involved with various health
challenges, go to the US Medical Library:

Because of massive cultural illnesses, our company's vision is
to get our products into the hands of as many people as
possible.  It means the difference between life and long term

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I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia two years ago. I was
on Predizone with all its side effects, Zanax for panic attacks,
Bicondon for pain, Fexerid for muscle spasms, Prozac for
depression, Ambion for sleep and Valium for nerves. I had
suffered with constant excruciating headaches for over a year. I
could not do simple chores and could not drive. I also suffered
from inflammatory bowel syndrome and had to use laxatives on a
regular basis.

I received my first box of Immunocal on a Monday and took the
first packet at 4:30 p.m. At the time, my legs feet and hands
were causing me great pain and I had severe headache. About 30
minutes later, I notice a warm tingling sensation in my legs,
feet and hands and about two hours later the pain in these areas
disapppeared. When I awoke Tuesday morning, the headache was
gone and my back pain was gone. I was able to cook supper that
evening for the first time in over seven months. The following
Thursday, I was able to vacuum the house, clean my oven and
rearrange the furniture.

I have been taken three packets of Immunocal a day for over
three weeks now. I went through a short period of detoxification
as Immunocal removed the drug residue from my body, I am now
pain free, able to do my housework and able to drive again. My
skin is soft and supple and the age spots on my face have faded.
My complexion has gone from pale and shallow to having a healthy
glow. I have complete mobility for the first time in over two
years. My body is back in balance and all bodily functions are

Thank-you Dr. Bounous for Immunocal and for giving me my life

East Texas
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Hello, my name is Dave Bergsma.  I have been using Immunocal
since October 15, 1997.  I use it for health maintenance and to
optimize my immune response system.  I also give the product to
my children who are now almost 3 and 5.  

My daughter, 5, has never ended up in a situation where she
needed an antiboiotic to fight off an illness, thanks to
Immunocal.  My son, 3, has a bit of a different story, I will
keep it short...

He was born with a dysplastic kidney (non-functioning), which
was accompanied by two blockages in his urinary tract, the
result...chronic infections.  So, from the time he was 2 months
old, he had to be given a mild antibiotic to prevent further
infections in order to protect his one good kidney.  So the poor
little guy's immune system was not able to develop properly. 

On the day after his 1st birthday, Doctors at Sick Childrens
Hospital in Toronto, Canada, removed his kidney.

At this point he could be taken off the antibiotics and so our
battle to bring his immune system up to par had begun. Jake had
always been taking Immunocal, so the doctors were amazed at how
quickly he recovered after the surgery, less than 2 hours after,
he was trying to sit up in his bed.  

However, the challenges we would face through the forthcoming
winter proved to be a battle.  Jake would end up on antibiotics
once again as a result of pneumonia.  He caught every cold and
flu that came his way that winter, but we kept up with our
intentions to give him a chance to avoid the roller coaster ride
modern day drugs seem to put us on.

Well, here we are in the midst of the second winter since he was
taken off antibiotics. I am thrilled to report that his immune
system is functioning like a trooper. He has caught a couple
mild colds this year, however his immune system was able to
fight them off, Thank You Dr. Bounous for bringing this product
to the world.

On a side note, I would like to say that during my early days as
an Immunotec Entrepreneur, the challenges I faced in helping my
team build an organization drove me to the status of only being
a product user.

However, I have been keeping a close eye on Teddy and his team,
who I believed would someday put together the right system so
that we would be able to bring Immunocal to the market in a
simple and truly duplicatable manner. Well it has finally

This MadRabbits marketing system is phenominal, it is
automatically doing for me what used to take hours and hours
along with hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I am thrilled to be
back promoting Immunocal through the system
and I look forward to the extremely rewarding career that I know
exists with this ROCK SOLID company.

Thanks Teddy, Thank you Annette & Martina
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Is your quality of life and that of your family's in jeopardy?

Let's Talk Friend!

Richard Piland
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