poly-L-lysine coating of coverslips

Rene renevanwezel at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 20 05:58:12 EST 2002

"Tina" <anfortinjp at webnet.qc.ca> wrote in message news:<a9l3fk$tov$1 at horsefly.nf.net>...
> Hi everybody!
> does home made poly-L-lysine coated coverslips gives high background on
> fluorescence microscopy ?


> Which one , poly-L-lysine or poly-D-lysine?

Classically the L form

> Why its better or standard to use high MW poly-lysine (eg 300 kD) ?

Dunno really, probably just sticks better to the slide.

> Thanks

Merck sells Polysine slides, do very well.
Other choice: silanization. Is stronger.

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