WHAT?? Benefactored??

Nuwslink nuwslink at c4.com
Sat Apr 20 18:11:11 EST 2002


Yes! Benefactored!  Someone wants to pay your way in!!

“But I can't believe it!”

That's the response we're getting to this incredible new
Internet concept “Paying It Forward 3.”

But it's TRUE!

When you join you will be benefactored into the program for
$150.  You will have your $150 paid!!  You will not pay
anything until your online pending account reaches $500.

(Not only will you be blessed, but you can bless others! 
That's what this program is all about!)

Then it will be your turn to “Pay It Forward” for three
others!  It continues on from there!

This is spectacular.

There is NOTHING better than this. 
More info? send blank email to 
Mail to:bizqween at superreply.com?subject=pif3  


Norma Jean

PS: Commit calculated acts of kindness through PIF3!!

You are receiving this email because you sent me mail
regarding my posting to your FFA site, we belong to the
same safe list or you requested information from me at some
time in the past, or you have recently inquired about
starting your own home based business.  If this is not the
case, please accept my apologies. This letter cannot be
considered spam as long as  we include: Contact information
& a Remove Link. Refer to
www.spamlaws.com/federal/hr3113.html This message is sent
in compliance of the new E-mail  bill, SECTION 301,
Paragraph (a) (2)(C) of S.1618. Transmissions to you by the
sender of this email will be stopped promptly by sending a
reply mailto: biz4profits at yahoo.com?subject=REMOVE
Thank you


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