Help with MTT assay.

Marie tme at
Tue Apr 30 09:35:08 EST 2002

Good morning everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me with some problems I am having with
the MTT assay or perhaps have suggestions for a different assay.  I am
trying to determine relative metabolism of the same cell line, ie: 
does the treatment increase, decrease or have no effect on the
metabolic rate as compared to the control.  We have no elisa reader
here, and do all our culturing in 6 well plates seeded at 300,000
cells per well.

Does anyone know of the MTT assay being used for this cell number and
in 6 well plates?

Is the formazan retained in the cells after solubilization or is it
released into the medium?

What is the ideal concentration of glucose in the medium for culture
with the MTT?

Thank you,


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