Looking for diagrams of human evolution

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"Robert" <judaismfaqs at yahoo.com.spammenot> wrote in message news:<z_P59.8666$Ke2.742268 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net>...
> Could anyone point me to some diagrams or graphics online which show the
> following:
> (A) A representation of how gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutangs, etc. and
> humans are related in evolutionary terms. This may also show info from (B)
> below.
> (B) A representation of how the various ancestors of modern humans evolved,
> which branches led to us, and also happens to show a few of the other
> no-longer-existing branches. A graph of this may include info on (A) above.
> Ideally I am looking for diagrams made in the last few years, so that they
> have been constructed using the latest information (DNA analysis,
> cladograms, etc.)
> I already have the wonderful 1993 edition of "The Book of Life" edited by
> Stephen Jay Gould, however this edition is a bit out of date. (Does anyone
> know if the second 2001 edition has changed any of the books graphs?)
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
> Robert

The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Human Evolution is your best bet. 
(Excellent, if enormous).  The primary author is Steve Jones. 
Otherwise you could try Richard Leakey's Origins Reconsidered (one of
the best-wriiten accounts of human palaeo I've ever read, and has some
good descriptions of morphological evolution in the hominids) or
perhaps Chris Stringer & Robin McKie's African Exodus.


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