Very Very Hot Joint Venture Royalty Sharing Opportunities!!!

Uriel Corporation strategicpartnering at
Fri Dec 13 04:17:57 EST 2002


Uriel Corporation is a Research & Engineering Consulting Firm that 
develops new products with revolutionary functionalities that far 
exceed products that exist on the market. With development sponsors, 
we license products we develop with investors to industry and share 
the royalties received with our investors.  The returns to us and our
investors per project per year are projected in the tens of millions to 
hundreds of millions of dollars per year per project for the life of the
patents per country.  Nowhere in the world will one find an investment 
such as intellectual property.  In the United States, patents can seize 
rights to an industry captivating a billion dollar market for 17 years!!!  
No other investment can do this, not real estate, not gold, not oil, not 
any known investment.  If you know of any, let us know!!!

Uriel specializes in developing new products with highly advanced 
functionalities and it works to transfer exclusive rights it develops to 
multi-national corporate licensees while allowing investors to 
participate in royalty sharing when the technology transfer of rights
is completed and royalties are received.

Feel free to peruse Uriel's website at and 
take a look at the PowerPoint presentations on our projects.  Click on 
our "Commercialization, Development, & Technology Transfer 
Opportunities" link on our home page to get to the sub-categories 
where our projects are listed.  Our presentations are embedded within 
the project descriptions of the project listings within their respective 

Should you care to participate in royalty sharing, there are 6 
different Investment Programs* on our website: 1) The Technology 
Guardian Investment Program, 2) The Non-Prototype Investment 
Program, 3) The Prototype Investment Program, 4) The U.S. Rights 
Investment Program, 5) The World Rights Investment Program, and 
6) The Limited Exclusive Rights Investment Program.  Each program 
has it's own investment criteria, and the more moneyinvested will 
give you more rights, a greater percentage of royalty sharing, or 
greater equity in the project. 

Write us at: strategicpartnering at or call us at: 
1 (708) 598-7314 for details.  I look forward to structuring your 
participation for royalty sharing and to answer your questions.

Best regards,

Peter J. Panopoulos
President, Chairman, C.E.O.
Uriel Corporation   
strategicpartnering at
Uriel Corporation
P.O. Box 3847
Oak Brook, IL 60522
1 (708) 598-7314 Office
1 (708) 466-6132 Cell

*Budgets For Development Are Best Estimates. Projected Returns 
Are Estimated Values Based Upon The Possibility And Potential Of 
Strategic Partnering With Multinational Companies. Actual Returns 
May Vary. Any And All Offer(s) Or Project(s) Can Be Withdrawn At 
Any Time Without Notice. This Letter Is Not A Solicitation To Buy Or 
Sell Securities Or Partnership Position(s), Nor Is This An Agreement 
Of Any Kind. No License Is Expressed Or Implied, Or Offered In 
Whole Or In Part For Any Project. Any And All Such Offer(s)/Matter(s)
Will Be The Matter(s) And Subject(s) Of (A) Further Written Agreement(s) 
Or Subscription Offering(s). These Investments Are Not Unlike Other 
Investments And Therefore Should Be Considered An Investment Where 
A High Degree Of Risk May Be Involved. An investor may lose all or part 
of his or her investment depending on circumstances which may be out of 
Uriel Corporation's control, or as such may depend on market forces, 
competition, acts of God, or on other factors. 


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