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Sat Feb 9 22:50:41 EST 2002

Pre-launching! I never get this chance
$$$$ back



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I have surfed on the Internet opps more 
than one year, thrown out hundreds and 
hundreds dollars, but get back only some 

I was tired of this kind of Internet home 
business, almost given up and really did 
not want to touch this kind of business.

While, you know, people is people. 
They always have some hope they want to 
try, maybe something happens

So I continue surfing on the net, even 
received a lot of emails flooring in my 
inbox. It's crazy, everyday I need clear 
my inbox, but I never want to complain about 
it. I'm pity the people just like me, almost 
the same, they want grab me going on the way

One day, I want to clean my inbox. I just 
try to open a email to read. It said in the 
email :" Pre-launching! You never be loser".

You know, what could I do? It's free join in, 
ok, I just try, so I sign in. I never thought 
what should happen to me? While, when I join in, 
I start to know something really changed

This is brand new program, every month they have 
some more programs for preparing launch, while 
until now they do not launch. I never know about 
it before, maybe you guys know it

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1964jOxe0-398wtLn5410YFLk1-384PGSG8535GMUe9-473lyZj4918mjx at 55 

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