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Tue Feb 12 10:59:34 EST 2002

Hello, cellbiol,

Someone's finally got it right:

Save on ALL your Long Distance calling with this REAL
SERVICE for REAL Phones from a REAL Company:

  *  FLAT RATE LONG DISTANCE - Domestic & International
  *  INCLUDES ALL IN-STATE as well as State-to-State
  *  5,000 "AnyTime" Minutes Program - 1.6 cents/min
  *  750 Evening/Weekend Minutes Program - 3.9 cents/min
  *  Trade USA minutes for International - no added cost
  *  3-Way and Conference Calling
  *  No Need to change your current LD carrier
  *  Activated in a few hours
  *  Fiber Optic cable - Extremely High Quality
  *  No Credit Checks, No Long Term Commitments
  *  5-year old Division of a Major Carrier
      doing $2.5 Billion yearly sales

THE BUSINESS SIDE beyond the Great Service:

  *  No Additional charge to market this service
  *  Earn Monthly Residual Income from referrals
  *  ELIMINATE Your LD Bill with a few referrals, or
     work part or full time to gain Large Income!
  *  Free WebSite For On-line Sign Ups
  *  Daily Conference Calls and Strong team support
  *  Recorded 24/7 Info Calls
  *  Our Business Group haS 30% Growth!

If you are interested in this program, please send 
an email to this address (do not just hit reply):

     flatsav112 at excite.com  subject: Tell Me More

Best regards,

If you are not interested, please send an email
here and you will receive no further messages:

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