Cell culture contamination

Boris jorgen.borrebaek at ati-as.no
Wed Feb 13 11:31:37 EST 2002


I wonder if anyone can tell me what's in my cell culture!

In a phase-contrast microscope I can see a very uniform round "bubble"
attatched to what seem like a cell remnant. This bubble varies some in
size, but about like a cell. I can't really see the countours of a
membrane. The interior is very turbid, and I can't understand that
this turbidity is trivial. It's like dark (bacteria-like) spots moving
around inside the bubble, and the whole thing is "jelly-like", but
attached to the plastic by the cell remnant.

On close inspection I can imagine some suspucious dots in the medium,
but this could well be the usual debris.

There's not really a rapid pH-change, and HeLa cells seem healthy.
OVCAR cells seems affected though.

I spotted these a while ago. Used Gentamicin and fungizone for a
Now after several weeks off antibiotics/antifungi it appears again.
So it's a slow growing thing.

Any ideas anyone??

Best regards, Jorgen
jorgen.borrebaek at ati-as.no

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