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Website promotion - only £29.99 (US$42) per month - try it for 3 months
and if there's no improvement we will refund your money -
            can you afford not to ?

There are now 101 million internet users worldwide online with over 95%
of potential customers using search engines to find the information /
products they require .

The position that your website appears on a search engine is now more
important than ever .

Just having a great looking website isn't enough to be found on the
world wide web.(If you do not currently have a website or you need
your existing website updated / modernised, we can help you)

If a potential customer does not know your website address,
would they be able to find you ?
Since subscribing to our promotion service our customers are enjoying an
average increase of 24% more visitors to their websites !

Try our website promotion service trail for three months at only £29.99
(US$42) per month, and if you aren't registered on new search engines or
your search engine rankings are not improved, we will give you your money back .

One quarter of the UK's residents, that's over 15 million potential
customers online, access the information on the internet with search
engines being the main resource .

Website search engine positioning is one of the most valuable promotions
your company can have. Where you are placed on the search engine listings
will greatly determine the amount of traffic and potential customers your
website receives .

Search engine promotion should be thought of as a second marketing
department that focuses on your internet presence and at only £1 (US$1.40)
a day it's great value for money .

Search engine enquiries can come up with hundreds or thousands of sites
but most people will only look at the first few pages of information
so if you are currently listed really low on the rankings then the chances
are you are not even being seen and lossing potential customers .

Our search engine promotion service for just £29.99 per month
will improve your current position and move you further up the pages
in turn creating more potential business and revenue to your company .

There are nearly 2,000 search engines but each search engine has
different ways of deciding which websites they will display and in which order .

Some search engines use submitted keywords, others use a description and /or
content of a site while others see how many links go to and from a site .

The search engines set their own rules as to when and how often their website
database can be updated if your website is updated too often they will class
this as spamming and could delete your site altogether .

With over 2000 search engines on the internet, part of our services will be to
select the ones that are more relevant for your market-place, eg. if you are a
hotel in Cornwall you would not need to be on an American search engine for
computer parts .

We have many satisfied customers that now have higher website positions in the
search engine listings and they know we are a team they can trust. As the
internet is continuously changing so are we in researching and developing
new methods to obtain higher rankings for our customers .

Why not see for yourself and try our website promotion service for only £29.99
(US$42) per month and remember if we don't get you registered on more search
engines than you currently are or can't obtain higher search engine rankings
we will give you your money back .

To find out more please visit our website at


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