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Internet Business for anyone!
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Finally an affordable, easy to run 
Internet Business for anyone! 
( even YOU! )
We all know it, Internet is the best place to do business, because of its
speed, low cost and wideness. But to succeed, you need to know a few
basics. Here at FMN TV, we sell the 5 most important marketing reports you
need to succeed on your cyber marketing journey. They will help you
understand all you need to know to increase your sales for any product you
may have. You can then, but are not forced to, resell the same product
online and make some extra money for yourself. 
First, the product: 
They are 5 well written and clear reports on different techniques to
succeed with any online marketing venture. 
Report # 1: How to sell by email (and avoid spamming) 
Report # 2: Common sense guide to success 
Report # 3: Proven techniques to success 
Report # 4: Successful marketing techniques 
Report # 5: Power boost your site 
        When you buy those 5 reports, you buy knowledge that you will be
able to use for the rest of your life, selling any product you may have.
Then if you wish, we offer you the opportunity to legally resell those
reports using our 5 levels marketing system. People buy the 5 reports
directly from you, you get 100% commissionned on each one you sell. 
        The price of each report is $5 US, that you send directly to the
person you buy each report from.. We also charge $5 US to host for you a
web page like this one so you can resell the product easily. That is $30.
US total, one time, to buy the whole package of 5 reports and the website. 
        If you want to buy the reports only, just fill up the following
form below, we will send you details by email. If you want to know more
about our 5 levels program, keep reading. 
The price of each report is $5 US each, that you send directly to the
people you buy it from. We also charge $5 US to host for you a web page
like this one so you can resell the product easily. That is $30. US total,
one time, to buy the whole package of 5 reports (plus some bonus EBooks)
and the website. 
This program is absolutely legal. We sell a product of value for a low
price, and we offer the possibility for anyone following the simple
instructions, to make some extra bucks with only $30. out of pocket cost. 
I received this letter for the first time by email back in 1993. I did not
quite believe it at first... But I tried it anyway to find out after a
very short time that most people were cheating the system and that it was
at the origin an illegal chain letter, and that you never got the product
mentionned in it, so I created a 100% cheat-proof method around it
delivering the product. Keep reading ! 
The following letter was once promoted by email, thus giving anyone the
possibility to cheat it by changing things around to their convenience. It
is now impossible since I have created a web site which is 100%
cheat-proof. How is this possible? Every participant is protected by a
user name and password. As you send your payment to each participant on
the list (we send you an email of names and addresses once you join),
these participants acknowledge receipt of your payment to our webmaster
who monitors this program for accuracy. Therefore, cheating is IMPOSSIBLE
with our web site. 
This is what Andrew Hedland had to say: 
'' Thanks to this profitable opportunity. I was approached many times
before but each time I passed on it. I am so glad I finally joined just to
see what one could expect in return for the minimal effort and money
required. To my astonishment, I received total $ 610,470.00 in 21 weeks,
with money still coming in''. Andrew Hedland, Fort Lee, New Jersey.
Here is another testimonial: 
'' This program has been around for a long time but I never believed in
it. But one day when I received this again in the mail I decided to gamble
my $30 on it. I followed the simple instructions and walaa ..... 3 weeks
later the money started to come in. First month I only made $240.00 but
the next 2 months after that I made a total of $290,000.00. So far, in the
past 8 months by re-entering the program, I have made over $710,000.00 and
I am playing it again. The key to success in this program is to follow the
simple steps.'' 
If you would like to make some money easily and comfortably, please read
the following... 
WARNING! The actual testimonials and explanations are not a garantee that
you will make such amount of money. Some people did it in the past, and
the potential is still there, but do not get illusionned, be realistic and
figure out for yourself if our distribution program makes sense TO YOU
before you signup. 
===== Order the 5 reports shown on the list ===== 
When ready to go and willing to participate, fill in the sign up form. Our
system will send you all the instructions you need to continue by email...
Once signed up and confirmed by our webmaster, our system will
automatically send you your unique ID and password to download your
material and will create a unique web page for you. BE SURE to have an
email that works. You may open a new email for free just for this program
on: or other free email sites. 
Your investment will buy everything you need to know to advertise and make
serious money on the internet. All the reports are written by pro
marketers and describes proven techniques easy for all to follow and use.
All of our reports are created for beginners in the cyber-marketing world,
but will also be VERY useful to the experienced entrepreneur. 
You will also get a unique URL to send your friends to, and when they sign
up on it, YOU get the credit. 
Commissions are sent daily by post or direct deposit to electronic
facilities (Paypal, Egold, Payitnow etc). 
To assist you with marketing your business on the internet, the 5 reports
you purchase will provide you with invaluable marketing information which
includes how to send bulk e-mails legally, where to find thousands of free
classified ads and much more. 
 	'' My name is Mitchell. My wife, Jody and I live in Chicago. I am an
accountant with a major U.S. Corporation and I make pretty good money.
When I received this program I grumbled to Jody about receiving ''junk
mail''. I made fun of the whole thing, spouting my knowledge of the
population and percentages involved. I ''knew'' it wouldn't work. Jody
totally ignored my supposed intelligence and few days later she jumped in
with both feet. I made merciless fun of her, and was ready to lay the old
''I told you so'' on her when the thing didn't work. Well, the laugh was
on me! Within 3 weeks she had received 50 responses. Within the next 45
days she had received total $ 147,200.00 ... all cash! I was shocked. I
have joined Jody in her ''hobby''. Mitchell Wolf, Chicago, Illinois 
 	'' Not being the gambling type, it took me several weeks to make up my
mind to participate in this plan. But conservative that I am, I decided
that the initial investment was so little that there was just no way that
I wouldn't get enough orders to at least get my money back''. '' I was
surprised when I found my medium size post office box crammed with orders.
I made $319,210.00 in the first 12 weeks. The nice thing about this deal
is that it does not matter where people live. There simply isn't a better
investment with a faster return and so big''. Mary Sondstrom, Alberta,
 	'' I had received this program before. I deleted it, but later I
wondered if I should have given it a try. Of course, I had no idea who to
contact to get another copy, so I had to wait until I was e-mailed again
by someone else.........11 months passed then it luckily came again......
I did not delete this one! I made more than $490,000 on my first try and
all the money came within 22 weeks''. Charles Benson, New York, N.Y. 
 	'' It really is a great opportunity to make relatively easy money with
little cost to you. I followed the simple instructions carefully and
within 10 days the money started to come in. My first month I made
$20,560.00 and by the end of third month my total cash count was
$362,840.00. Life is beautiful, Thanks to internet''. Mona Dellaca,
Westport, New Zealand 
Click here! to read more testimonials. 
By ordering your reports today, you will also get our Bonus: 2 Amazing
electronic books to download and discover amazing secrets of professional
internet money makers. 
Want to get the reports?


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