The little guy gets screwed again...

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Fri Feb 22 21:27:07 EST 2002

Enron? K-Mart? Major companies are folding, 

Executives are ripping off the little guy. 

Who can you trust? Yourself.

Did you hear the story of the guy who had a 1.5 million dollar 
401K with Enron and it's now worth ZERO! There's no better time to think about  having something to fall back on... a business of your own. 

I've made thousands of dollars on the Internet and I answer to NO one. 

I have no boss and I can say "no" to whomever I wish.

If I don't want to get up until 10 a.m. one day, I don't. 

If I don't want to work 5 days a week, I won't.

No one runs my life except me and NOBODY can ruin it.

It should be this way for everyone. And it can. 
You CAN do what I've done and find freedom through owning your own business. 

Are YOU the only one stopping yourself from achieving wealth?

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Check it out TODAY!

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