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march 2002

      Welcome to CellNEWS !
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      Now you can clone your cat! 
      Texas researchers clone cat. A playful, "cute as a button" kitten is the first-ever cloned cat, researchers said Thursday. 
      Designer babies 
      Ongoing discussion: Should designer babies be permitted? Is this all about creating the perfect donor? A British family has been allowed to use IVF to create ...
      Latest development in the Anthrax attack 
      NEWS: Will the US Government acknowledge the identity of the Anthrax suspect scientist? 
      Probably not! ...
      And much more!

      The cloning and gene therapy debate is going on as ever before! Read the latest about 'designer babies' and cloned kittens here! 

      The Human Genome Project and the Embryonic Stem Cell debate have currently sparked an intense debate on Bioethical and Biomedical issues. Here I have collected some documents on the Human Genome Project and the Ethics debate that currently takes place. 

      I will also show some research News in Cell Biology that I find interesting. 

      I have recently include a section dealing with Biological and Chemical weapon's and the threat we all face in the future from the potential use of these types of warfare. Follow the thriller about Anthrax in the United States!
      One new feature is that you find a collection of Selected Readings from CellNEWS archive here.
      You are encouraged to write down your thoughts and participate in the ongoing discussions! 

      Come join the discussion! 
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