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Victor Jagasits, Hello£¡
at first , Protozoa=Prokaryote

                                     | Amoeba | Blue alga | Protozoa
mitochondria                    x                x                 
plasma membrane         x                x                  x
endoplasmic r.                 x                x                   
cytosol                               x                 x              inflowable  
Golgi-app                         x                 x
cytoskelton                       x                 x
nucleus                             x                x                      
lysosomes                        x
centriole                           x
vacuole                                              x                    x
cholorplast                                        x
cell wall                                             x                  x
extracellular matrix       x                 x              glycocalyx, etc?

======= 2002-01-13 In article You wrote£º=======

>I'd like to ask anyone who knows, that what are the differences between the
>amoeba, blue alga and "protozoa"s? What are protozoas exactly?
>I will have my cellular biology exam tomorrow, and I expect the following
>question: Please fill out the following table:
>                               | Amoeba | Blue alga | Protozoa
>plasma membrane
>endoplasmic r.
>cell wall
>extracellular matrix
>Which it has you must put an "X".
>There can be additional parts in the first column, I don't know exactly. If
>you have any idea, please add it into the table.
>Please help me!

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