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Fri Jan 18 05:57:20 EST 2002

Introducing, a revolutionary product destined to be a household name within 
the next two years.  

Everyone who gets sick from the common cold to cancer has a compromised 
Immune System. Mankind requires a product that helps support and balance 
the Immune System. A product that is all natural, side effect free and is 
without overdose potential.

This product helps prevent a variety of symptoms such as Cancer, Influenza, 
Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and 80 other immune symptoms. This product 
is great for healthy people as well, taking them to a new level of 
wellness, and it is excellent for athletes enhanced performance. Great for 
traveling overseas, as extra protection against foreign pathogens.

This product is predicted to become a household name within the next few 
years, due to its unprecented re-order rate. This is an absolute GROUND 
FLOOR opportunity backed by a $200 million world leader in BIOTECHNOLOGY. 
This is the FIRST BIOTECH Network Marketing 
Company! Protect yourself and your family today.  Distributors are needed 
all over. This is an unbelievable opportunity.  

For more information please reply to amaralbiz at yahoo.ca and type "info" in 
the subject line.

Thank you for taking the time,
E Gonzalez

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