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Tue Jan 29 04:17:35 EST 2002

Request for Assistance –Strictly Confidential.

My name is Shehu Gwarzo, I am the son of Alhaji
Ismaila Gwarzo who was the security adviser to the
Nigerian former head of state, late General Sanni
Abacha.  During my father's tenure in office, he was
able to deposit the sum of US$28,000,000.00 (Twenty
Eight Million United States Dollars) with a finance
house in Netherlands.  This money was a part of the
1997 security vote, which was given to him by General
Abacha in compensation for his unflinching support for
government's plan to succeed him.  

With the demise of Abacha and the assumption of office
by General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) as the head of
state of Nigeria, my father and his colleagues were
relieved of their posts.  An ad-hoc commission of
enquiry was set up to probe their activities while in
office.  They were briefly detained and released
because of their connections with some well-placed
individuals in authority.

General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd), in keeping with his
vow of running a transparent and corruption-free
government, continued from where his predecessor
stopped in probing high-ranking officials that served
under Abacha.  As a result of this, my father's
international passport was seized; his housing estates
in Kano, Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna were confiscated and
declared as government properties.  His accounts in
five different banks in Nigeria were discovered and
frozen.  Also frozen were four of his accounts in
Geneva and one in Zurich.  The Swiss bank has agreed
to repatriate the sum of US$150.6 million lodged in
these various accounts to the Central Bank of Nigeria.
 My father is presently in detention and the movement
of his family members (including me) is restricted. 
We are forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our

Presently, the US$28,000,000.00 my father transferred
to Netherlands has not been discovered.  I am
therefore soliciting your help to have this money
transferred into your account.  All the necessary
documents that will facilitate this transaction was
given to me by my father immediately he got wind of
government's intention to detain him.  My reason for
doing this is because it will be difficult for the
Nigerian government to trace my father's money to an
individual's account, especially when such an
individual has no relationship with the Gwarzo family.

If you indicate your interest in this transaction, I
will enter into negotiation with you on what you
expect to keep from the fund as your charge/fee.   I
will also send you all the necessary documents
purporting that you executed a contract for one of my
father's companies in Nigeria.  With these documents
you will proceed to Netherlands where the
US$28,000,000.00 will be given to you as payment for
the contract.  Alternatively, you can have the fund
transferred into any account that suits you.  PLEASE

Yours sincerely,

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