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I am Dr.Shehu Dantata, an accountant with the Nigerian National Petroleum
 (NNPC), and I head a seven man tenders board in charge of Contract Awards
and Payments Approvals .I choose to send you an e-mail due to the urgency
of our need by searching for a reliable and reputable person to handle
a very confidential transaction which involves the transfer of huge sums
of money into a foreign account.

There were series of contracts executed by a consortium of multinationals
in the oil industry in favor of NNPC among which were:

(1)	The Expansion of pipeline network within Nigeria for crude
oil and downstream product distribution and subsequent evacuation-US$5Billion.
(2)	Contract for the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of the various
Refineries in Nigeria.
(3)	The Construction of Storage tanks for petroleum products (Depots)-US$70Million.
The original value of these contracts were deliberately over invoiced
in the sum of USD Twenty Eight Million (US$ 28,000,000:00) which is now
ready to be transferred being that the companies that actually executed
these contracts have fully been paid and the projects officially commissioned.

Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount
to your account for subsequent disbursement, since we as civil servants
are prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (Civil Service Laws) from
opening /operating foreign accounts in our names.

Needless to say the trust reposed on you at this juncture is enormous.
In return, we have agreed to offer you 25% of the transferred sum, while
10% is totally set aside for incidental expenses (local and foreign cost)
between the parties in the course of this transaction.

Kindly send your response by e-mail, and please feel ok to ask any question
if you may be having in respect of this request. It is only after I 
 receive your interest reply before we can let you have all other necessary
details of how we can transfer this fund as soon as possible.

I await your response  soon.

Best Regard.

shehudantata at - email
(866) 201-0254 x4184 - voicemail/fax

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