Elotech Developments - Bio/Gene Technology, Biochemistry and Medical Diagnostics and Therapy.

Sebastian Schwiering info at sitetec.de
Thu Jul 4 05:29:41 EST 2002

Elotech Developments - http://www.elotech.de

ETD develops innovative products and technologies for

·         bio/gene technology,
·         biochemistry and
·         medical diagnostics and therapy

ETD  is the worldwide leading technologist in the field of magnetic and
non-magnetic carriers (beads) and high-tech polymer surface modification.
Our scientific portfolio also includes a revolutionary new approach in
tumour diagnosis and therapy.

We have the technological basis for your problems to help scientists and
doctors find a new platform for research and development.

Our topics:
Controllable Drug Carriers, Manipulable NanoTools, Functional
Bio-chips/Bioassays Quantum Dots, Inductively-heatable Magnetic
Nanoparticles, Hyperthermia, Single Molecule Detection

Magnetic/Non-magnetic Polymer Carriers
Silicagel-Beads / Carriers / Particle, (Automated) DNA separation, Molecular
Imprinting , Encapsulation, Single Molecule Detection, Quantum Dots,
Magnetic Polymer Beads, Shape Memory Polymers, Enzyme/Biomolecule
Immobilization, Transfection, DNA / Biomolecule Labelling, Ni-NTA
Separation, Biosensors, Proteomics, Immunodiagnostics

Polymer/Plastic Modification
Biocompatible polymers, Surface modifications for bioanalysis, Polymer

Media / carriers for cell immobilization & cultivation

Biopolymers / Hydrogels / Plastics for Bioscience and Medicine
Immunoadsorbents for Hemoperfusion, Magnetoliposomes, Biocompatible polymers
/ Gels for Medical Implants and Wound Dressing, Polymer / Plastic Carriers
with special micro-structured Surface Coating for Bioanalysis and Diagnosis,
Media / Gels for Desalting

Tumor Diagnostics/Therapy
New contrast agents for MRI, Anti-metastasis agent

AIDS Therapy
New AIDS Therapy

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