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fmbyGood News To You whsuccessful&effortless at
Sun Jun 2 11:39:31 EST 2002

If there was a way to make thousands of  dollars every day without having to work for it, wouldn't you want to at least know how to do it?

                  If the answer is "YES", than click BELOW


 and you will see how to make unlimited income without even working.

After checking it out, refer to this again to see how this is working....

First of all, it just started on 5-20-02, so you are GROUND FLOOR!

Second, here's how you make money:

1.  You enroll. You get an ATM card sent to you by Next Day Air.
2.  You sign up 2 people.
3.  Those 2 people enroll 2 people each.  You just made $400.00.

4.  You move to another matrix and when it completes itself you make 
     another $400.00.
5.  The matrix you left, turns into 2 matrix'.
6.  When the two people from each of those matrix' enroll 2 people each, again, it  is completed and you just made $250 for each matrix or $500 total.

7.  This continues to grow and double every time a matrix completes 
8.  You or your people never put in another dime after enrolling, and 
     it gets to the point where it grows faster than you can keep up with it. (which you can track - 'real time' - online.)

Three things..... :
		It's fully automated - you have your own web site. (New FLASH site coming) 
                                You can pull up to $2,000/day off of your ATM card, and buy stuff with the rest.
                                Your cash account is federally insured for up to $100,000.

Don't miss out on this one!!!!!!!!

                            This is the REAL DEAL folks!  

 I enrolled 2 days ago and was # 949.  I have already gotten paid, and they are now into the thousands 
 of people and it is growing by the hour.




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