Friend, Let me Explain How it Works

Jeffrey Huelsbeck jhuelsbeck at
Thu Jun 13 16:11:43 EST 2002

Hello again 	Friend,

I was talking to someone today and they said that they were 
confused by my emails asking them to go and confirm their position.

Friend this person almost missed out on getting paid a
substantial amount of MONEY.

I hadn't been notified that you confirmed so I thought you might
not remember or know how the Concorde Group works and don't want you to miss out on getting paid.

We are a team of highly skilled, highly talented Network
Marketing Professionals. 

Friend, we got sick and tired of seeing GOOD PEOPLE fail
and lose money. After all, most people are just trying to
improve their lives and take better care of their family by
desperately trying to succeed at a home based business.

We were simply FED UP WITH IT! So here's what the Concorde
Group did to help people just like YOU.


People thought we were crazy but we didn't listen and did it
anyway. Now we get emails every day from people thanking us for
changing their lives.  It's very rewarding.

I think if you take the time to look at this you will see why
you can't fail. You pay nothing to get started. We place people
under you and you simply get an email when you have a guaranteed check waiting. All you do is simply confirm that you are in by going to  Enter: 184516
and simply put your name, phone number and email address at the
bottom of the page.

We then place every single person that comes to the page after
you in YOUR group.  Each time someone is placed under you, we
send you an email letting you know we placed another person
under you.

When your group has someone that is ready to "upgrade" -- that
means join our Network Marketing company, you are notified

100's of people are joining weekly because people don't pay
anything until they have a CHECK!  I'd like to place
some of these people under you. But I can't until you go to Enter: 184516

I hope that makes it easier to understand. Now please go to the
link below and read all about our program and confirm your
position.  Let's make some money and have some FUN! and enter: 184516 or go to: 

Prosperous Regards,

Jeffery R Huelsbeck

P.S. Friend, if you are no longer interested in turning
your computer into a CASH COW, please remove yourself below so we can place all these people under someone else who is ready.   

If you have already confirmed your position then click on the
removal link below.  Either way we need to know if you're in or
you're out because these people need to be placed quickly.

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