THE SECRET the IRS is TERRIFIED you'll learn! @%V>Y

Reggie pocbhz_hf at
Fri Mar 1 14:55:16 EST 2002

THE SECRET the IRS is TERRIFIED you'll learn!

...and never have! Millions of Americans already
have learned the truth and have dropped OUT of the
system - (the IRS now admits that, as of 1996, at
least 85 MILLION "taxpayers" are legally no longer
filing) - AND SO CAN YOU!

Even the Federal Courts themselves have verified
that it's true!

You must understand that not a penny of the money
you've paid in over all these years has EVER helped
the country! It hasn't helped protect and defend
America, it hasn't bought a school book, paved a
highway, fed a hungry family - NOTHING! All that
money has been CONFISCATED, and never even got to
the US Treasury. And, none of the money you'll pay
to the IRS in the future will help anyone, either!

Sure, this sounds crazy or scary! You have been very
carefully trained by the government's propaganda for
decades! So, how can 1 out of 3 Americans be living
the good life WITHOUT paying tribute to the IRS? To
learn the truth, and to get the details - - 

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and use the following reply address.

mailto:Valencia_Regina at

Have a Great Day!

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