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Gerard Quisumbing gerardsscratch1 at
Thu Mar 14 09:01:53 EST 2002

Hello Netpreneur,

I am Gerard Quisumbing. You are receiving this
message because I saw your online business site.

I hope you are now seeing success in your program.

However, making money on the internet, just like
any other business, does have its own obstacles
before you actually make money.

The truth is, most people are not making any
money at all.

We don't believe in MLMs as get-rich quick prog-

Nor are they "do nothing opportunities", as
what many programs are saying.

It is true, a legitimate mlm program, gives its
members the opportunity to earn unlimited income.

A good program does not encourage its members
to be lazy, otherwise you have to be careful about
programs that are too good to be true.

I had been scammed a lot of times, just like most
other people.

I am currently involved in a program that focuses
on teamwork. And it has given me a guaranteed
income every month.

We believe that the surest way to succeed is to
make things happen.

If you are interested,  please take the time to
find more info by clicking on the email link below.

Mailto:gerardmar1 at Put "Sign Me Up"
in the subject and dont forget to include your
FIRST and LAST NAME in the body of the letter.

You'll shortly receive an email from our company
offering you your own personal ID# permitting you
access to your ownweb site where you can learn all
about our company and them any benefits and
opportunities which await you. And remember,your
membership is totally strings attached.

Thank you.


P.S. This is a one time email so there is no need
to be removed from the list


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