How old are the cells in my body?

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> How many cells are in my body?

I think something like 40 billions

> Is it a consistent number?  Or does it fluctuate?

Since you reached your definitive body size, it fluctuates but not much.

>  When a cell dies where does it go?  Does it deteriorate or stay in my

Other cells eat them. dead skin cells fall on the ground eventually.

>  Are the cells in my body the same age as me?  Are all my cells also 27
years old?

Your neurons yes. Most other kind of cells die after a while and are

>  Or are none of the cells I was born with still part of my body?

some are still there, like all those in your brain for example.

>  Have all my original cells died and deteriorate and been replaced
> by others?


>  Every single part of my body is made up of cells right?

right, well actually some little parts are not cells (like nails) but cells
produce them.

>  If all the cells that I was comprised of when I was born have died have
they been
> replaced by others and in a sense I am not physically the same person I
> when I was born?

The majority of your cells today were not there when you were born. And
those that are still there are probably not made of the same molecules than
those 27 years ago. So you're brand new!


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