Adrenoceptor transfection

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Tue Mar 19 15:18:31 EST 2002


You could try Chinese Hamster Ovary cells which don't express a
beta-adrenergic receptor. Have a look at this paper where they
transfected this cell line with a chimera of beta-AR/Frizzled, and used
IPO to activate Wnt-signalling (only feasible as CHO don't have
endogenous beta-AR)...

Good luck!

Paraic Kenny

"Thomas W. Moon" wrote:
> Hi:
> I'm new at this business of transfection. The literature suggests
> that COS7 cells are good for expression work on beta-
> adrenoceptors. We have a beta-AR from rainbow trout that we want
> to express and examine its pharmacology, but we have found that
> COS7 cells have an endogenous beta-AR that respond to
> isoproterenol. Does anyone know a cell line that we can use to
> transfect our fish beta-AR so pharmacology studies?
> thanks, Tom
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