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Commercializing on Tumor Antigens - The Next Wave?
- New "de-novo" analysis from BioSeeker Group -

Today, in Europe and USA there are close to 20 million people that live with cancer, a figure that is increasing. Overall annual costs associated with cancer currently amount to $107 billion in the United States alone. Therapy combining emerging cancer therapeutics together with traditional therapies such as radiation and surgery will be a common strategy in the future treatment of cancer. The cancer field is therefore, a complex market difficult to commercialize in. Without making an overstatement, this is clearly one of the most competitive fields in the modern therapeutic market.

More than 150 cancer immunotherapy pipeline products are under development (not including antibodies). At first there was an over confidence in "plain" protein or peptide antigen therapies, but today most scientists agree on the absolute need for these antigens to be combined with adjuvant and/or other immuno-stimulatory molecules, such as IL-2. A major obstacle for cancer immunotherapy is that it often leads to tumor variants that escape immune response because of tumor antigen loss and partial tumor regression. To partly overcome this problem, many companies are today leaning towards vaccination with multiple antigens. The natural limitation in this method is to identify which antigens to target. The need for polyvalent and multiepitopic DNA vaccines is therefore likely to be the preferred therapy in the future. In this regard, there is an ongoing process to identify antigens that are both immunogenically potent and shared among many patients and to make their corresponding epitopes stronger. Antigen pulsed dendritic cells have become a new interesting entity in antigen delivery and immuno-enhancement.

A new report from BioSeeker Group is available to provide you with in-depth coverage, candid information and analysis of the tumor antigen field. This report presents an up-to-date "de novo" approach and is a significant tool for strategic planning in tumor antigen commercialization whether being a CEO, business developer at a biotech enterprise or an investment analyst at a VC firm. We have identified more than 60 tumor antigens that are in line for commercialization. At least 40 companies are working actively in this field with more than 3,000 people employed and an estimated expenditure of 1.8 billion USD year 2000. In this report, we present an extensive overview of business to business (b2b) collaborations in the competitive landscape of tumor antigen commercialization. Out of 40 companies, 35 have b2b collaborations. At least eleven of these form interesting clusters. Thirteen of the companies analysed have no big pharma collaboration. There have been five acquisitions, one formation and breakage of joint venture, and eleven broad corporate partnership formations.

Our report "Commercializing On Tumor Antigens: Analytical Perspectives" analyzes the activities among companies working mainly on antigen, cellular and genetic vaccines for cancer therapy and provides the strategic analysis needed to sharpen your competitive edge.
We focus on achievements and pitfalls, which have been experienced by companies trying to commercialize on these techniques.

Size: 250 pages. 40 companies with extensive profiles. Description of more than 60 identified tumor antigens, 210 alliances and 150 pipeline therapies. The report mentions more than 100 companies related to the field of tumor antigen development. To assist you in grasping the material in the report we have generated 34 different tables and 10 figures.

Please see executive summary and table of contents for a detailed view.

Companies of special interest in the report: AlphaVax, AMDL, Antigenics, Aphton, Argonex, AVI BioPharma, Bavarian Nordic, Biomira, CancerVax Corp, Corixa, CTL Immunotherapies, Cytel/Epimmune, Cytogen, Dendreon, GeneMax Pharm, GenEra, Genzyme, GenStar Therapeutics, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, IDM, ImClone, Intracel Corp, Introgen, Jenner Biotherapies, Maxygen, Merix Bioscience, Northwest Biotherapeutics, Oxford BioMedica, Oxxon Pharmaccines, Pharmexa A/S, Progenics, Select Therapeutics, StressGen Biotechnologies,  Supratek Pharma, Therion Biologics, Titan Pharmaceuticals, Transgene , Vical, Viragen, Zycos Inc.

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Coming Report
Ion Channel Assays in the Drug Discovery Process. (April, 2002)
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