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We have the following equipment available:

1. ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer. Includes: Power Macintosh 4400/200
Computer with one Floppy Disk Drive, one CD Drive, 2 GB Hard Drive, 32 MB
RAM, Mac OS Ver. 7.6.1; 15'' Color Monitor w/integrated speakers, Keyboard
and mouse). Respond to receive price with ordering information.

2. Becton-Dickinson FACStar Plus Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer. Complete with
HP Consort 32 FACStation Computer, Lysis II Data Acquisition and Analysis
Software, PaintJet Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Manuals, etc. Excellent
condition. Inquiry for price and ordering information.

3. Becton-Dickinson BACTEC NR-730 Analyzer with accessories. Good condition.

4. Roche Cobas Mira S. Complete system with manuals and miscellaneous
accessories. Excellent condition. $8900

5. ACL 100 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer. Complete with accesories.
Excellent condition. $1900

6. Coulter MD 8 Hematology Analyzer. 8 Parameters. Good condition. $1800

7. Radiometer ABL 3 Acid-Base Laboratory Analyzer. Good condition. $1200

8. Hamilton Microlab AT Plus Pipetting Workstation. Complete system with
sofware, manuals and boxes of unused tips. Excellent condition. $5900

9. Nuaire Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinets. 6 ft wide. Stainless
steel work surface, glass front shield, fluorescent lights, blower,
minehilic gauge, etc. Good condition. $3900

10. Forma Bio-Freeze 8417 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer. Features Forma
Enviro-Scan Microprocessor Monitoring System. Temperature range: -50 to -86
deg. C. Capacity: 17 cu.ft. Upright Model. Excellent condition. $5900.

11. Sorvall T6000B Benchtop Centrifuge. Non-Refrigerated. Max. Speed 6000
rpm. Includes Sorvall H1000B rotor with 4 Buckets. Good condition. $1,200.

12. AMSCO Medalist 200. Chamber size: 16"x16"x26". Require steam source.
Good condition. $5,900+shipping.

13. Barnstead Automatic Lab Autoclave. Chamber size: 16"x16"x26". Require
steam source. Good condition. $6,900+shipping.

14. Pharmacia FPLC System. Complete system with software and manuals.
Includes: Two P-500 Pumps, One LCC-500 Controller, One Single Path Optical
Unit, One UV Monitor Control Unit, One MV-7, One MP5a Mixer, One P-1
Peristatic Pump, One Column, One ACT Fraction Collector, Connecting and
power cables, Miscellaneous Accesories. Good Condition. $9800+shipping

15. Biorad 583 Electrophoresis Gel Dryer. Excellent condition. $550

16. Biorad 2110 Fraction Collector. Designed for HPLC System. Excellent
condition. $250

17. Beckman DU-6 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer. Wavelength range: 190-800nm.
Microprocessor controlled unit with integrated CRT Display and Data Output
Interface. Good condition. $1200.

18. Pharmacia Novaspec II UV/VIS Spectrophometer. Model LKB 4040. Range:
350-900nm. Features: Digital display, Keypad, Recorder Output, RS232C
Interface. Excellent condition. $US1200

19. Pharmacia LKB Ultroscan Laser Densitometer. Includes: One Display
Monitor, GelScan Software and Instruction Manual. Excellent condition.

20. LKB Ultrospec UV/VIS Spectrophotometer. Digital Display, Keypad, etc.
Excellent condition. $1,400

Respond with item# or name to receive additional information with picture
and ordering information.

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