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Wed Mar 27 18:54:52 EST 2002


It’s my pleasure to send you this mail which I hope
you will treat as highly confidential. I am
Princemamus Mobutu, son of
the late President Mobutu SeseSekou of Zaire, new
Democratic Republic
of Congo(DRC). There is war going on in my country and
so my family members
escaped to Morocco while I am presently at
Zambia/Zimbabwe boarder monitoring
events. Due to the present crises, it is not save to
put any investment
in my country and besides most of my father’s
properties and account
have been seized by the
government of Laurent Kabila who died earlier this
year. Now, I want to set up an investment oversea and
I have about US$21 million (Twenty one million united
states dollars) set aside for this project, I decided
to contact you to help me in setting up a good
investment, but I would not want my name or family
name to be used. I am prepared to offer you 10% of the
total sum if you assist me in claiming the fund from
the security vault in Holland where my father
deposited the box containing the fund as gemstones,
gold, and jewelry before his death. Please contact me
if you are interested and capable of helping by
sending your telephone for me to reach you because I
can not receive any international call for now, so
that I can send the documents regarding to claiming of
this fund. This will be handed over to as the family
foreign partner. Reach me through my e-mail address.
Best regards, 

Princemamus Mobutu 

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