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Press Release

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- A New Study From BioSeeker Group -

Gene therapy, the pharmacology of using nucleic acids as drugs, represents a relative new avenue for introduction of antigens, cytokines, co-stimulatory molecules, angiogenesis inhibitors and tumor suppressors as tumor therapy. 
Gene therapy is a very promising field, backed up with an ever-increasing knowledge of the human genome. The delivery choice largely depends on tissue accessibility and the nature of the organ target. In the ex vivo approach the cells from a specific tissue are collected, transduced by the vector and then returned back to the organism. In the in vivo approach, the therapeutic vector can be delivered either locally to a specific tissue or through the systemic circulation. Although the in vivo routes of administration are highly desirable, since they minimize the ex vivo manipulations of cells and the risks associated with it, there are certain limitations in the current vector technology that prevent the wide use of the in vivo gene transfer method. A very important technical aspect before gene therapy becomes widely applicable is the development of the nucleic acids delivery device. The development of delivery modalities has also accelerated and the question is what delivery mode(s) the field will embrace, viral or non-viral vector.
Conventional delivery of therapeutic genes to patients involves an injection directly into the bloodstream or tissue. This direct injection method has several barriers, including: 1) difficult and inefficient gene delivery to target cells; 2) unpredictable and quickly diminishing gene activity and 3)adverse reactions from the patient's immune response to the vector, or "vehicle," used to deliver the genes. Some companies use retargeting adenoviral vectors to achieve specific targeting to cancer cells via a systemic administration (e.g. Got-A-Gene AB, Transgene, GenVec, Genzyme and Introgen). Imgenex, Introgen and Onyx report that they use replication deficient retroviral vectors whereas GenEra has developed a retroviral vector that carries a disabled human cell-surface receptor gene. Austrian Nordic, Cell Genesys and Oxford BioMedica have lentivirus, a third generation retrovirus, which unlike the retroviral vectors infects but not integrate both dividing and non-dividing cells.
Onyx and Schering use replication deficient adenovirus. Calydon use cytolytic adenovirus that contains a transcriptional response elements found only in cancer cells. GenStar has a viral replication system DUAL-AD that needs a second "helper" vector to permit selective adenoviral replication. Bavarian Nordic, Oxxon and Transgene has modified Vaccinia Ankara virus whereas BioVex, Cantab and Medigene has modified herpes simplex virus in their portfolio. Develogen, to Bioseeker knowledge, is alone in using baculovirus and sheep adenovirus in its Develovec gene delivery technology.

A new report from BioSeeker Group is available to provide you with in-depth coverage, candid information and analysis of the cancer gene therapy field. This report presents an up-to-date "de novo" approach and is a significant tool for strategic planning in cancer gene therapy, whether being a CEO, business developer at a biotech enterprise or an investment analyst at a VC firm. The report includes totally 125 companies with interest in the field, includes 148 therapies in pipeline and 215 alliances.
Our report "The Competitive Landscape of Cancer Gene Therapy" analyzes the activities among these companies working with genetic cancer therapy and provides structured information needed to sharpen your competitive edge.

Size: 250 pages. 44 companies with extensive profiles. To assist you in grasping the material in the report we have generated 32 different tables and figures. Includes also extensive and descriptive figures of collaboration clusters.

Companies included with extensive profiles are: AlphaVax, ALZA Corp, AMDL Inc, Ark Therapeutics Ltd, Austrian Nordic Biotherapeutics AG, AVAX Technologies, Aventis RPR Gencell, Avigen Inc, Bavarian Nordic, Biogen, Biovector Therapeutics SA, BioVex, Calydon Inc, Cantab Pharmaceuticals, Cell, Genesys, Chiron, Copernicus Therapeutics Inc, Cytogen, Genetix Pharmaceuticals Inc, Genetronics Inc, GenEra S.p.A, Genopoietic, Genotherapeutics Inc, GenStar Therapeutics, GenVec Inc, Genzyme Molecular Oncology Corp, G.O.T. GmbH & Co. KG, Got-A-Gene AB, Imgenex Corporation, Introgen Therapeutics Inc, ML Laboratories (Cobra Therapeutics), MainGen Biotechnologie, Mologen Holding AG, Northwest Biotherapeutics, Oxford BioMedica plc, ONYX Pharma, Oxxon Pharmaccines Ltd, Progenics Pharma, Schering (Canij), Supratek Pharma Inc, Targeted Genetics Corp, Therion Biologics, Titan Pharmaceuticals, Transgene, Valentis, Vical Inc. 
Companies with close contact with the cancer gene therapy market: Antisense Pharma GmbH, Athersys Inc, Celltech Chiroscience, CytoGenix, Develogen, DNAVEC Research Inc, Endovasc Ltd, Enzo Biochem Inc, Geron, Hybridon, Intronn LLC, Invivogen, MaxCyte, Neurotech SA, Phogen Ltd, PowderJect pharmaceuticals plc, Replicor, RheoGene LLC, Ribozyme Pharmaceutical Inc, Therathechnologies, Tosk Inc.

Please see executive summary and table of contents for a detailed view.

For more information please contact us at BioInfo at BioSeeker.com 

Order fax: +46-8-56849191
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Please contact Jonathan Ballantine (jonathan5 at wbr.co.uk) for moreinformation.


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