Do you want to list No.1 in Yahoo like me?

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Wed Oct 9 06:31:56 EST 2002

Do you want to list No.1 under competitive commercial category of Yahoo
LIKE ME in just 14 days?

(Many people claim they can help you for a good position in Yahoo,however
they usually even cannot get listed in Yahoo themselves)

In today internet world,you can easily setup a site as beautiful and as
functional as Ebay.However,you will find that there is still very few
vistors come,if there is any.
To build a successful website.Web skill does not count anymore.What really
counts is MARKETING.

You tried so called "opt in" emailing and did not work? Right,because it is
no more than paying for some professional ad readers who intentionally read
thousands of ads daily per person and just want to earn some pocket money
from you.You cannot expect those people will spend money.
You tried EZine and Banners and did not work? Right,because you find
yourself never click a banner and never read those EZine too.
Do you know how sales come from?
It comes from when people find you by themselves.
Well,you know when they type some words in search engine,they are finding
something and prepared to spend money if they find the thing they want.
However,do you know waht is the ART of search engine?It is all about
YAHOO.If you get good position in Yahoo alone,it is much much more
effective than you get good positions in all all other search engines
combined together.
Yahoo generates over 45 BILLION page views per MONTH!
Yahoo reaches over 50% of all net users
Yahoo gets 210 million UNIQUE visitors each month!
Yahoo has higher brand awareness than AOL or MSN
Yahoo visitors...
will have used the Yahoo search facility to find you meaning they're
receptive, and...
will have come from Yahoo, a trusted brand which means your site benefits
from their reputation and...
will beat a path to your website because of the huge volume of Yahoo
However,to get good or No.1 position in Yahoo is not just a matter of
spending money.
(Yahoo does not auction the ranking of each category and key words.They
recieve same fee for all submission and determine which website worthy to
get listed and rank high by their editors)
It requires skill and require you know how to do EVERYTHING right.
Do you know how to make the editors of Yahoo have a good impression to your
Do you know what kind of domain name you should regist to highly highly
improve the chance of Yahoo editors to rank your site under your desired
position?(not just short word,and more importantly,those domain names are
still largely available.However,you do not know what you should look for if
you do not know the trick.)
Do you know there is VERY IMPORTANT skill to fill in the forms of
registration correctly?
Do you know what is the criteria in the mind of Yahoo's editors when they
review you sites.
Do you want me to tell you all the necessary steps I did to get me listed
number one under a very competitive commercial catergory and key words in
However,is it difficult to learn me? Yes,if you try to guess by yourself,it
just like to guess a 12 digit login password. No,if I ve told you step by
step how to do.And I have devote many time and resources and researchers to
learn and find the secrets.
It is all about 12 steps you should do right.(From step 1 until you get
listed in Yahoo require 14 to wait their approval for express
submission.)Before I told you,you can never guess it out.After I told
you,you will say,"Oh,I see.Why am I so stupid and have not care about this
important step before?'
Yes,to success, money alone cannot help you.YOU NEED THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.
You can spend thousands of dollar but have no result.And you can spend less
than a hundred dollar (except the $299 reviewing fee that Yahoo receive for
express submission) to successfully get listed No.1 under competitive key
words in Yahoo if you have the right knowledge.
Knowledge is power!

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