filling micropipettes free of air bubbles

William Guilford guilford at
Tue Oct 22 12:02:16 EST 2002

How about pre-filling the pipettes with a low-viscosity organic solvent,
like benzene, pentanol or some-such.... then immerse them in a comparatively
large volume of oil to exchange the solvent for oil.

"Dirk Hampf" <d_hampf at> wrote in message
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> Hi!
> We want to isolate cytoplasm of single cells (lymphocytes, lymphoblasts)
> order to measure the concentration of some drug metabolites. For this
> purpose we use an experimental setup similar to patch clamp or ICSI. With
> micropipette single cells are tapped to "suck" out the inside. We have the
> following problem: The micropipettes (inner diameter 1-5µm, borosilicate
> glass) should be charged free of blow holes with mineral oil. Attempts
> purchased micropipettes with an inlying filament as a filling aid have
> failed so far. Currently we are pulling the pipettes independently (Sutter
> Instrument P-97 micropipette puller). We have not been able to fill the
> micropipettes free of air bubbles. We already tried to fill the
> with oil by using  over and low pressure without any result. Please send
> any ideas, we would be very thankful.
> Regards
> Sandra Kalich, Dirk Hampf

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