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Lowell Reambonanza lfr at philwebinc.com
Sun Oct 27 01:17:25 EST 2002


My name is Lowell Reambonanza. I visited your 
business add and yes it was great! Have you been
in this business for how many years or months?

I have been in the industry for more than two 
years. I currently have my new one and hope this
could be the right vehicle for me. 

As Robert Kiyosaki have said, it will take for a 
networker to jump into two or more business 
opportunities before finally settle into something
he could really work.

I am now focusing on one online opportunity. I have
tried several of these online opportunities full of
hype promising us thousands of dollars every month. 

Well, can you explain to me concisely what is your
business all about? What about the training and the
over-all company support?

Should you join us, you will have a team of upline 
sponsors who will help you succeed every step of
the way. Instead of being left alone, you will be
guided step by step by real people, not those

Please take the time to check my business
by visiting to my personal website below:


Once you are in, please give your advise.

You'll shortly receive an email from our company
offering you your own personal ID# permitting you
access to your ownweb site where you can learn all
about our company and themany benefits and
opportunities which await you. And remember,your
membership is totally Free...no strings attached. 

Sincerly yours,

Lowell Reambnanza

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