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1) Ion Channel HTS - Mission Impossible?
2) The Swedish BioTech Corporate Index - A new service from BioSeeker Group
3) Coming reports: Swedish Pharma Industry / The Next Generation of Antifungals
4) New Reports: Tumor Antigens / Ion Channel Assays / Gene Therapy
5) Subscription
6) Conference Opportunity



Ion channels are significant targets in the drug discovery process, generating over 8 billion dollars in sales per annum. In  2000, the FDA approved fourteen new drugs targeting ion channels. Considering the publication of the human genome and the ability of transcription profiling to reveal tissue specific distribution, it is expected that ion channels will play an even more important role as drug targets in the future. Based on the demand for screening large compound collections against an increasing number of therapeutic targets there is an urgent requirement to develop automation, miniaturization and high throughput assay systems. This requires the development of homogenous assay formats and higher detection sensitivity.

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The Swedish BioTech Corporate Index makes it easy to find information on almost any Swedish biotech company. The Index contains 379 companies, sorted into 16 industry segments. Our databases are updated both through the companies' own participation and by BioSeeker GroupÕs researchers, making our database the most up-to-date and extensive in the world. To learn more about our Swedish Biotech Company Profiles and browse the companies included in the index, please visit



- Swedish Pharma Industry (to be released Sept 9, 2002)

Sweden is one of the worldÕs most densely populated countries when it comes to analyzing the global biotechnology market. With less than 9 million inhibitants, there are more than 350 biotech companies in Sweden. In our coming report, BioSeeker Group analyzes in detail all pharmaceutical biotechnology firms in Sweden. The report covers industry focus on different disease groups, collborations, financial data, pipeline information and much more. The analysis deals with status, development, direction, strategy and position. The report also includes extensive profiles of all 70 pharmaceutical biotechnology firms in Sweden. BioSeeker Group has more than 3 years of contineous research and analysis experience in Swedish biotech industry. Anything similar cannot be found in any other company or organization.

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- The Next Generation of Antifungals (to be released Oct, 2002)

According to the Antifungal Work Group at NIH there is a "critical need for the development of antifungal agents" (Draft report of the Antifungal Working Group Sep. 2000). "There is not a single rapidly fungicidal, non-toxic drug available", they continue, and it is a requirement for fungicidal, broad spectrum, non-toxic, orally deliverable drugs to have a low cost. We have identified more that 100 companies with interest in this field. The new report will provide you with an extensive update on the advancements of new antifungal therapies and give you an objective assessment to assist in your decision making process.
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- Ion Channel Assays in the Drug Discovery Process (released June, 2002)

- Commercializing on Tumor Antigens: Analytical Perspectives (released Feb, 2002)

- The Competitive Landscape of Cancer Gene Therapy (released May, 2002)



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