A Human Cytome Project ?

Peter Van Osta pvosta_ROMMEL at rommel_cs.com
Mon Dec 1 04:57:46 EST 2003


I was wondering if there is already something going on to set up a sort of
"Human Cytome Project" ? In my opinion the hardware and most of the
software seems to be avaialable to set up such a project ? For the
cellular level, light-microscopy based reader technology would be very
interesting to use ?

Studying and mapping the genome, transcriptome and proteome at the
organisational level of the cell for various celltypes and organ models
could provide us with a lot of information of what actually goes on in
organisms in the spatio-spectro-temporal space ?

I have been thinking (working) about a concept which could provide the
basic framework for exploring and managing this cellular level of
biological organisation research on a large scale, but I would like to
know if there is already some thought/work going on in the direction of
setting up an initiative such as a "Human Cytome Project" ?

This is just an idea, so I am really interested to hear if there is
something in it, or even if it is not worth while what I just wrote.

Best regards,

Peter Van Osta

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