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The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart
by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.
December 6, 2000

In February, the U.S. Congress had no response to the 3000 Americans who signed 
signature petitions calling for immediate review of the flowchart and progress 
reports of the secret virus development program. We firmly believe once the dust 
settles from the current election marathon, reviewing the special virus program 
will be the single most important pursuit of the 21st Century.

More scientists and doctors must join with Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Strecker, Dr. 
Cantwell, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Lee, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Halstead and Professor 
Boyle. In any public debate on this issue, we will continue to present the 
flowchart of the secret virus development program, as the "irrefutable missing 
link" in the true laboratory origin of AIDS. 

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