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Wed Feb 19 06:34:22 EST 2003

The Integrin Page (

This website is completely devoted to the cell-adhesion receptors
called integrins.

The website features:
* General information on Integrins
* General information on components of the extracellular matrix to which 
integrins can adhere
* Specific information on integrin subunits
* Specific information on integrin combinations
* Information on Antibodies directed to integrins
* Overview on bindingpartners for integrins
* A discussion forum for integrin related matters, like:
	*General Integrin forum
	*Antibody related forum
	*Company related forum
	*Supplies forum
	*Job offers forum
	*Jobs wanted forum

Become a member of the forum for FREE with no obligations, and you will be able 
join the discussions on integrins.

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