CellNEWS - Antinori's Cloning Consortium: I. The Scientific connections.

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CellNEWS - Antinori's Cloning Consortium: I. The Scientific connections. 
Where will Antinori's 'clone baby' be created? 
Sunday, 12 January 2003

A year ago, Severino Antinori summoned a group of fertility experts to a scientific meeting in Sabaudia on the western coastline, just south of Rome, Italy. He there constituted what he called the 'World Association of Reproductive Medicine'. At first, this meeting could bee seen as a regular collection of about 50 IVF specialist's, meeting and discussing the latest progress in artificial reproductive therapies or ART. However, this occasion had a special purpose - to assemble the worldwide IVF specialists Antinori had initiated and established collaboration with - to clone a human being. 

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Antinori's Cloning Consortium: I. The Scientific connections - CellNEWS,  Sunday, 12 January 2003 

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