Primary human myoblast culture

Alexandre Blais methyllysine at
Wed Jan 22 11:50:33 EST 2003

Hi, fellows,

I am interested in studying myogenic differentiation, and am looking for 
the best human cellular model.

Unfortunately, there is no established normal human myoblast cell line (as 
opposed to the mouse e.g. c2c12 cells). The ATCC only distributes 
rhabomyosarcoma cell lines, or mixed primary cultures containing muscle 
cells, and neither is acceptable.

I looked into obtaining clinical samples from surgical orthopaedy to set up 
my own primary cultures, but because of institutional policies/limitations, 
this is not feasible in the short term.

I found that Clonetics distribute primary human myoblasts, but they are 
very expensive (around 550 US$ for 0.5x10^6 cells), and their lifespan is 
somewhat limited (only 10 doublings). Since I will need LOTS of cells, this 
will only be my backup alternative.

Do you know of any other source (commercial or other) for primary human 
myoblasts (or satellite cells, as they are also called) ?

Thanks for any help,

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