Germ cell culture?

Wong,Charles Maxim wongcharles.maxim at
Wed Jan 29 23:23:46 EST 2003

I'm interested in finding out more about fish germ cell culture, but
there appears to be a lack of information on this subject specifically.
I was wondering if anyone here can help answer these questions.
1. Germ cells are derived from embryonic cells. Are germ cells still
2. Do we need feeder cells for germ cell culture? Are they essential for
germ cell survival in vitro? For fish germ cell culture, I've heard of
Sertoli cells and fibroblast cells being used for this purpose. Are
there any differences between what they provide for the germ cells?
3. What are the roles of feeder cells in germ cell culture?
4. Will feeder cells cause germ cell differentiation? How can we
maintain germ cells in an undifferentiated state?
5. What are some other examples of feeder cells?

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