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How to Make Stem Cells Stay Growing 

In a report published in Cell this week, scientists from the University of Edinburgh identify a new protein central to the unique properties of embryonic stem cells. The report reveals that the protein Nanog, named after the mythological Celtic land of the ever young 'Tir nan Og', is required for the special ability of stem cells to multiply without limit while remaining able to make many different types of cell. 

Japanese Researchers Make First hESC Line 

Researchers in Japan have produced their first domestic human embryonic stem cell (hESC) line. Professor Norio Nakatsuji, of the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences in Kyoto, told CellNEWS in an exclusive interview that his group had succeeded to isolate hESC's from one single donated frozen human embryo. Establishing stem cell lines in Japan is important, Prof. Nakatsuji said, so that the cell's quality and preparation for future clinical application can be assured under Japanese government guidelines. 


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