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We are conducting this audit of the National Auction List in accordance with newly passed Commonwealth of Virginia legislation as well as guidelines set forth by such Internet Service Providers and organizations as UUNET, Roadrunner, SpamCop, Earthlink, AOL, Ntelos and many more. We are following their guidelines to ensure our list is properly maintained and allows all of our legitimate subscribers to receive the monthly National Auction List newsletters as well as our periodic NAL Featured Auctions.

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We are and we currently host more than 300 traditional auction companies' web sites and 15 State Auctioneer Associations nationally. On each of these web sites the auctioneers list their traditional and online auctions from all over the country. These auctions range from Seized property, foreclosures, and Bankruptcies to Estates, Benefits, and others.

The National Auction List web site at is the source for all of these auctions. Once a month, the NAL email is sent free of charge to all newsletter subscribers to provide you information on the most current listed auctions, how to buy at auctions, how to find auctioneers, and additional valuable information.

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