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Wed Mar 5 17:58:17 EST 2003

A real business opportunity is not what you usually see 
splashed all over the internet. Here you will see real 
business projects. Take a look.

Receive Complimentary Report on "The Value of Enterprise". 
(What is your business worth after your built it up? Most 
people don't know the answer, but they really should!)

See list of top ten bizopps below.

  The Top Ten list was picked because these opportunities 
offer (1) the best chance to be independent and (2) make 
a good income without (3) having to make too large an 
investment or (4) take a big risk, assuming (5) you are 
willing to work hard and (6) be patient.

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QUALITY BIZOPP ALERT-Best Business Opportunities on the Web

Intro Issue
Editor:  Ralph Branson
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  Below are listed the top ten real income and business 
opportunities I have been able to find.  They are also on 
my web page. They are all listed here because this is an intro 
issue. From now on, I shall just send one or two of the 
best opportunities if I come across any.

  I spend a lot of time looking at possible opportunities 
because I help people to do so, and many people also send 
me suggestions. So I decided why not put together an online 
newsletter. This is it. Send me nice comments and good 
suggestions but no pyramid systems.


  #1 VRCities Home Owners Association Representative gets
you three ways to earn $'s that reinforce each other so you 
can get more results for your time.  VRCities and their 
partners help you with marketing and support. It's worth a 
visit and may just fit your needs and ambitions.


  #2 Net Distributor Express, Inc. sets you up as a 
distributor for various companies. Investments ranging 
from $100 to $1000.

  #3 Fiesta Cartoon Maps and Directories are informative, 
entertaining, colorful cartoon depictions of your community. 
Investment can be as little as $6,495.00.

  #4 World Traders Association provides complete hands-on 
training and ongoing support for domestic, import and 
export transactions. Investment - $6,950.

  #5 FairShares4U affiliate program can earn you money 
while you find out the most profitable way to invest in 
ventures with as little as $20 per month. You definitely 
need to learn about this program.

  #6 Collegiate Sports of America, Inc. (CSA-PREPSTAR) has 
emerged as the nation's most respected name in the world of 
college recruiting. CSA provides recruiting services that 
link thousands of student-athletes with the more than 
1,800 colleges and universities nationwide that compete 
in intercollegiate athletics.

  #7 Business Financing Intermediary Network offers the 
opportunity to be a financail intermediary or "money finder". 
This can be very lucrative once your learn the business.

  #8 Creative Colors International is recognized as a 
leader in the repair, reconditioning and color restoration 
of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the 
automotive, furniture, commercial, and residential markets. 
Total Investment Required: $19,500 (minimum).

  #9 Roof Patch Masters franchisees specialize in the 
repair and maintenance of commercial roofs. Investment 
($22,500 turn key!).

  #10 American Asphalt Sealcoating offers good income 
potential servicing the asphalt driveways, parking lots, 
roadways, etc., of residential, commercial, industrial, 
institutional and municipal property owners. Investment: 
$15,000 one-time franchise fee plus $17,500 equipment.


  I am not a business guru, but I know enough to know 
that the best businesses have a serious product or service 
in a territory with a market share. That's the big problem 
with a lot of the hyped baloney you see on the Web. You 
have to compete with everybody else out there for the same 
dough. That doesn't make sense. It's called saturation--
a losing proposition.

Good Luck,


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