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Well.. the subject line should have been cell evolution rather than cell
creation and Hypotesys should have been hypothesis.  Scientists believe
(now the vatican believes it too since 1995.,..) that multicellular
organisms evolved from single celled microbes (they may not have been
anything like the microbes you see now since everything is constantly
evolving though at different speeds and directions).  Probably
multicellular organisms evolved from biofilms (that is the natural state
of nearly 99 % of microorganisms in nature, contrary to the single cell
state of suspension cultures that you may have seen in pictures or in
school) in which microorganisms grow in colonies like films or bubbles
or layers closely interacting with one another and communicating. 
Probably multicellular organisms like us are nothing but a more evolved
and specialized biofilms (each part doing one particular function called
organs) all living together for the greater benefit of the whole, ie.
the body.  But then if we take us humans, we too have evolved to do
specialized functions over the centuries. We too have specialized
ourselves into Businessmen, lawyers, doctors, servants, soldiers etc.
etc.. each one able to do only the job they are speciallized to do (for
eg.  try putting a lawyer into a surgery room) for the benefit of the
whole.. that is society.   That is the most amazing thing of evolution. 
Everyone follows the rules of evolution.  The very fact that all
organisms share more or less the same genetic code and the same building
blocks of life (amino acids nucleotides), points towards a common point
of origin.  But of course, like the criminal leaves behind his scent for
the police dog to follow, evolution too have left behind tons of
evidence.. in the form of fossils and degradation products and the
degeneracy of the DNA sequences...for the police dogs that is scientists
to follow.

Thank you but I was actualy talking about cellular organels not organs,
that is the mitochondrion and chloroplasts (as well as others of

But thank you anyway.

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