Normalization of Cell Death Detection ELISA?

Colin North northcol at ____msu.eduRemove_____
Wed Aug 25 06:08:50 EST 2004

How much is "a small amount of protein?" Sometimes even small amounts 
can be analysed...

Peter Frank wrote:
> I use the Cell Death Detection ELISA from Roche for quantification of
> apoptosis. The problem is that the cells under investigation show
> considerable differences in proliferation, so when the assay is done
> the cell number will not be the same.
> Therefore, I want to normalize the assay results with a suitable
> parameter like cell number or protein content (since the cells in the
> wells used for the ELISA are lysed, wells seeded with the same number
> of cells in parallel). However, the very small volume of each assay
> sample makes it difficult to count cells accurately or determine the
> protein contents.
> Has anyone ever done any normalization for the Cell Death Detection
> ELISA (Roche) and if yes, how did you do it?
> Peter

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