non-programmed cell death in eukaryotic plants & prokaryotes

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Sun Feb 1 12:10:16 EST 2004

"Robert Goodman" <robgood at> wrote in message news:<bvemb8$s46no$1 at>...
> I want to teach my Plants & People students about a fundamental fact of
> life: death.  A cell can reach a point of no return in sickness such that it
> must die, death being a permanent condition.  In necrotic cell death in
> eucaryotic animal cells, there's an unarguably irreversible step -- rupture
> of
> lysosomes.
> However, most plant cells don't have an organelle called a lysosome.  One
> source tells me they have organelles that do the same in necrosis, it's just
> that they're not CALLED lysosomes.  That true?  If not, is necrosis in
> plants akin to the death of procaryotes?

Perhaps this will help, although it seems that

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