Cellular respiration

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Mon Feb 2 01:38:00 EST 2004

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>     My name is Dennis Frazee and I am a student and a runner at Wabash
> and I am currently doing a project on Cellular Respiration.  As a runner
> student of Biology I have a few questions that I was hoping someone may
have a
> reply for.  As Cellular Respiration is considered, the more oxygen that is
> present the more that it can occur,

Only under conditions where oxygen is limiting.  You understand what
"limiting" means?

> but by what manner is it possible to bring
> in a larger amount of oxygen to the body.

Larger compared to what?  You'd have to specify the conditions you're
comparing them to -- what kind of organism, for instance.  I mean, you can
say an animal's respiratory system is all about bringing in a larger amount
of oxygen than it would get without a respiratory system.

> Also, is there any type of
> fruits/vegetables that can be consumed for cellular respiration to be
> out in a more energy proficient manner.

Considering that the thermodynamics of the reactions involved are fixed, the
answer to that would have to be "no".  There are ways to short-circuit
oxidative phosphorylation such that energy would be wasted, but there are no
ways to get any extra energy out of it.


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